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Olá! I am

Cami Brito

a communication and event planner,
graphic designer, embodied self-healer & vibes magician.

I help creators tap into
the highest vision for their offerings,
and then I guide them on
how to communicate it to the world.

What I Offer

what I offer

+ Design

Tailored to artists & entrepreneurs interested in building an image that reflects the vibe they are here on Earth to manifest.

Event Planning 

What if your business and personal brand could be materialized in one collective experience?

Let's design and produce your event together!


Curious about what makes me a vibes magician? Learn more about how I can serve you from that level and all the magic we can create together.

about me

I'm an empathetic Brazilian professional passionate about combining my background in advertising, marketing, and graphic design alongside my holistic approach for increased self-awareness to plan and execute purpose-driven communication strategies and events.

Currently based between Rio and New York City, my work experiences include the development of integrated communication plans, personal branding projects, and planning and producing corporate and holistic events in Europe, and North + South America.

I am deeply moved by all the different ways one can explore their natural gifts to elevate the collective consciousness and the planet's vibration at this moment in time. That is what I am here for and what I want to help you with.


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Nicole Lebenson.jpeg

Nikki Lebenson Angulo, Deputy Chief Officer at AFS Intercultural Programs

Cami is an outstanding professional that adds value to any team or project she works on. She is not just competent - she is kind, poised, creative, smart and fun. Very few people can be great at handling the urgent details AND thinking big picture/long term. Cami is a pleasure to work with, and I can't recommend her enough.

Maria Maione_edited.jpg

Maria Maione, Independent Artist
& Researcher at Meta

The way Cami Brito presents her offerings, so clearly and compassionately, is really a gift to witness. I could never have launched my music to the world if it wasn't for her support. Thank you so much for stepping in and activating these ideas so beautifully. I am in awe of you, Cami!

AFS Registration Team at the 27th Youth

Shiree Pointer, Volunteer at the 27th Youth Assembly & AFS Staff

I really enjoyed working with Cami in an event such as the Youth Assembly, where there can be a bit of chaos, but she kept it all under control, and made sure we were all aware of any changes needed to be made. Also, she worked harder than we did which is refreshing when you are in a volunteer role so you don't feel as though you are doing all the work. Teamwork makes the dream work and Cami made sure we were all valued members of the team. Thank you Cami, it was my pleasure and I look forward to working with you again if the opportunity arises.

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