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Events Planning Consulting

planning to host a live event for a diverse group, big or small?

If you want to make sure you have it all covered and minimize the chances for stress on-site, I would love to extend my experience to you and help you create a consistent plan to manifest your vision

from logistics to vibes.

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I believe events are a great way to expand your brand into a movement. 


My experience with planning and producing international events to mobilize diverse groups of attendees around a cause have shown me many ways we can work to build bridges across differences and create community around a business or project.

In my journey, I learned that there are really 3 key areas that can make or break any production:


attendees experience

How do you make sure EVERY step of your attendee experience happens not only smoothly, but also building up to the main promise you’re delivering through your event?


expectations management

How do you build the call for your event and communicate with your audience in a way that not only informs them on what to expect but also invites them to act as the space creators themselves?


opportunities to connect

How is your event providing your attendees with the very thing all humans crave for - belonging and connecting?

How can you expand the idea of what it means to connect with your, or your business', purpose through your unique offering?

That’s exactly what I want to help you with.

In my event consulting program, we will:


✅ Take some steps back and tap into what your business’ soul is here to manifest, the intention behind what you do.

✅ Conceptualize the overall event theme and sections.

✅ Gain clarity on the goals and measures of success (KPIs) that will keep your event aligned with your vision.

✅ Create a strategy to maximize profits through sponsorship opportunities and back end sales.

✅ Create a realistic timeline with weekly action points and tracking.

✅ Design the best agenda flow for attendees experience.

✅ Create a solid communication plan to weave your goals together and avoid common issues on-site.

✅ Design practices for collective connection on your event.

✅ Prepare for the future by optimising your marketing tactics on-site.

Cami Brito NYC Communication + Event planner.jpg

about me

Oi! I am Cami Brito.

A communication and event planner, graphic designer embodied self-healer & vibes magician.

Let's create some magic together!

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