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past projects

From creating personal branding projects for independent artists to hosting holistic retreats in the Brazilian jungles or international educational conferences in Europe and North America, Cami Brito has helped conceptualize and produce different types of communication strategies with one thing in common: they all brought people together around purpose and vibes.

vibra mais alto logo 1080x1080.png

Vibra Mais Alto, Brasil

Created, designed, and executed by Cami Brito, 

Vibra Mais Alto is a space-lab for community building around practices of self-awareness and self-liberation explored as an offering to the collective. In this project, you can have a full picture of her work style: from the concept idea, through visual identity, and content creation to all events organized in Rio de Janeiro or virtually.

Ricky Pistone, NYC Musician

Ricky Pistone is an independent artist and full-time musician who is known for fusing music genres as a guitar and synth player, singer and music producer.

His versatile approach when it comes to birthing boogies was put together with his roots in the NYC funk scene and captured in this personal branding project we created together. Now, wherever he goes, he brings a business card that deeply reflects the vibe he offers.

We have also collaborated on the release of his debut single "Nowhere to Go", for which I have created the art cover and concept + filming of the music video in different locations in the south of Brazil.

Cami Brito - Graphic Design - Ricky Pistone Business Cards.png

ACC, Independent Consultant

Ana Carolina Cassiano is an independent consultant working across cultures helping global organizations design learning journeys for diverse educational products. Together, we created her business brand guide, leveraging her unique gifts and expertise to showcase all her offerings in the field through a bilingual website, and branded materials.

Ana Carolina Cassiano - educação para impacto - em cor-min (1).png

Maria Maione, Independent Artist & Researcher at Meta, NYC

As a reintroduction of herself to the world, Maria Maione and I created together a communication plan for her debut single "I wish" based on a fully personalized holistic brand guide developed to express her integrated persona, as a musician who is also a researcher. Empowered by the guide, Maria partnered with the NYC photographer Amanda Crommett for a photoshoot, and created tons of social media content to promote her work and art.

This integrated communication plan included:

storytelling, developed in depth over a few 1:1 sessions where we explored Maria's ancestral lineage, professional background and human design type;

- graphic design work, with the creation of the visual identity for "I wish" (cover art, Spotify canvas, promo posts);

- event planning and producing, with the single release party hosted in Brooklyn, November 2022.

I wish canvas - spotify - iphone X.jpg
Maria Maione - I wish.png
I wish - Maria Maione - Poster Linktree-min (1) (1).png
I wish - Venmo band sign - Maria Maione-min (1).png
Carry me Away - Avatar Sharisse 1400x1400.jpg

Sharisse Francisco, Singer & Songwriter

The debut single by Sharisse Francisco was written while the world was facing the atrocity involving the murderer of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many other black lives taken by the police.

The concept for the cover art for "Carry Me Away" was designed to picture the feeling of heaviness and search for meaning in the process of grieving.


Jessie Davis, Songwriter & Musician

The singer Jessie Davis wanted to use her art as a vehicle to raise awareness on the police brutality and systemic violence that erupted into several protests worldwide during the pandemic en 2020.

The photograph by Ricardo Acioli, taken during a police confrontation in NYC that year, was used as a basis for the cover art for "Bang Bang". Picturing the violent polarization and racial profiling that still victimise black people not only in America, but all around the globe, this visual introduces a powerful and straightforward song.

Rick's Cheesesteak Shop, VA, USA

This family-owned business is well known in the state of Virginia for making delicious cheesesteak sandwiches highly demanded by the local community. 

As the business evolves to the digital scene, we worked together to update their branding into something that could display their authority and tradition while also placing them as a cool and modern shop.

I also made their new website!

As part of the rebranding project I made for Rick's Cheesesteak Shop, we created a new website featuring the brand story and reasons why. After a couple of meetings learning about who they are, I helped them with crafting the right storytelling to consolidate their positioning as The Cheesesteak Perfecters.

27th youth assembly - cami brito - nyc.jpg

27th Youth Assembly, NYC

The 27th Session of The AFS Youth Assembly (August 12-14, 2022 in New York City) cultivated a global network of young leaders and changemakers through exchange, education, action and impact. Hundreds of dynamic young global citizens from 76 countries gathered in New York City aspiring to reshape the world and take important actions towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The program focused on Youth, Global Health, Global Citizenship, Technology and Inclusion.

Ser Medicina, Vibra Mais Alto Women's Retreat, Rio de Janeiro

A three-day immersion for a group of 12 women in the jungle region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, "Ser Medicina" (in a free translation: Being the Medicine) is a Vibra Mais Alto retreat catered for women interested in reconnecting with their essence through holistic practices among nature. It was described as "life-changing" and "deeply empowering" by the attendees

Ser Medicina - vibra mais alto women retreat - cami brito - retiro para mulheres.jpg
2019 afs global conference - cami brito - montreal.jpeg

2019 AFS Global Conference, Montréal

The 2019 AFS Global Conference on Active Global Citizenship—and How to Educate for It (9 - 11 October 2019 in Montreal, Canada) convened 400 influencers and experts from 280+ organizations and 70+ countries to address this critical issue. Representing education, private, public and NGO institutions and industries, conference delegates came together for one important purpose: To build and grow a coalition of stakeholders across sectors to ensure global competence education is available to more young people worldwide.  

2018 AFS Global Conference, Budapest

The 2018 AFS Global Conference explored the theme “Global Competence: Our Future, Our  Responsibility" convening over 450 leading educators, researchers, business leaders, funders and policymakers from 70 countries in Budapest, Hungary, to make global competence an integral part of school curricula, youth activities and workplace professional development programs worldwide.

2018 afs global conference - cami brito - budapest.jpeg
SER Medicina - Vibra Mais Alto - Cami Brito (1).jpg

Women's Circles, Brazil + virtual

Through the Vibra Mais Alto project, Cami Brito has hosted several virtual and in-person women's circles around the themes of self-awareness, personal empowerment, spiritualism, embodiment and collective connection. Attendees have described the space as a lab for reconnecting with their inner authentic self through intentional exchange with other women.

"Nowhere To Go" by Ricky Pistone, NYC

For his debut single, Ricky Pistone wanted to bring all of his funk vibes to show people that, even when we get trapped in our own thoughts and feel like there's nowhere to go, it's possible to just boogie through the rough times and have fun with it.

We worked together in the concept for this cover art, where each element and color scheme was thought to translate the song into an image.

Nowhere To Go - Ricky Pistone - Final cover art - 1400x1400.jpg

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