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Oi! My name is Camilla Brito,
but you can just call me Cami :)

I'm an empathetic Brazilian professional passionate about combining my background in advertising, marketing, and graphic design alongside my holistic approach for increased self-awareness to plan and execute purpose-driven communication strategies and events.

If you’d ask me what I am here for, I’d say my life's purpose is to help people and businesses get clarity on who they are and how they can communicate it to the world.

Along my path, I learned that by integrating mind (namely beliefs, thoughts, and sense of self) and heart (deep wisdom, inner knowing, soul and purpose), we can manage to overflow who we are into what we do, using the how we do it as the bridge.


Whether conscious or not, everything can be a vehicle to take us where we’re going. So, let me share with you a bit about how I got here.


Throughout my childhood and teen years, I would spend a lot of time in my head analysing people’s behaviors and would always notice how often conflicts arise due to basic misunderstandings around how people communicate. I was interested in how our words shape our reality both internally, with the way we organize our thoughts and talk to ourselves, and externally, with the interactions and relationships we establish in our communities.


Following those natural interests of mine, I received my bachelor's degree in Social Communication with a minor in Advertising & Propaganda at one of the most influential universities in Brazil, the Universidade Federal Fluminense in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Over the following years, my diverse work experiences kept me fascinated about how much transformation strategic communications can ignite in today’s world. 

I was lucky enough to have had many professional experiences of immense value that helped to shape the type of professional I wanted to become. From a big advertising agency to a global nonprofit organization, I had the opportunity to learn by doing and by collaborating with professionals from all sorts of backgrounds and nationalities. I should probably write a book someday ;)

While first living and working in New York City in 2018/2019, however, I went through a major personal and professional expansion. 

As a Communication & Event Planner for AFS Intercultural Programs headquarters office, I found myself deeply strengthening my project management and intercultural communication skills as we planned and produced the first-ever AFS Global Conference, in Budapest, and then the second one in Montréal, for over 400 attendees from 40+ different countries each. It takes mindfulness, some serious hard skills, and a lot of emotional intelligence to work across multicultural teams and deliver the type of event we pulled off, I’ll tell you that!

In parallel to that, on a personal level, I was having deep transformative experiences in the City. I was having a blast connecting with the local creative scene, experiencing unique event formats, volunteering with the Ecstatic Dance group organizing dance parties at the Judson Church, making friends from all over, and hula hooping around Brooklyn (just why not?). It was a time when I uncovered many hidden potentials of mine, which propelled me to my unique path of igniting them.

The global pandemic that hit the world in 2020 created the scenario for an even deeper personal transformation while I was isolated in the mountain region of Rio, surrounded by abundant nature and opportunities for self reflection. As I found myself in an unplanned sabbatical year, I used it as an opportunity to go within and integrate in my body the previous transformations lived in New York City. My routine was rooted in daily activities for reconnection and joy: yoga, breathing exercises, swimming in the river, sunbathing laying on the river rocks, journaling, nourishing the body with healthy and simple foods, and the mind with inspiring, empowering thoughts. 

It was life-changing. 

All that inspired me to unleash my sacred creativity in the form of holistic experiences to foster collective connections through individual liberations: Through Vibra Mais Alto, I create a space for people who are interested in letting go of limited ideas of who they think they are so they can show up fully and authentically when connecting with others. Heaven on Earth Movement is an embodiment workshop I offer as a method to raise group vibrations, and in parallel to all that, Efeito Borboleta Project is an initiative I hold with my partner to bridge the gap between work and play through nature and conscious intercultural exchange.

As an independent consultant, I help creators tap into the highest vision for their offerings,and then I guide them on how to communicate it to the world.

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