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I can serve you from that level :)
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Get to know me better as a

Vibes Magician

My love language is
reminding you of your own power.

As an Emotional Generator 5.1. in the Human Design system, I am a natural vibes magician. 


It is my pleasure to play the role of a space creator, bringing high vibes to elevate your environment, creative process, or event. 

My #1 rule

First, you elevate,

then you execute.

I commit to daily self-care practices and embodiment of joy that allow me to show up fully from the heart space when helping you remind yourself of your own power, brainstorming communication approaches, curating experiences, or welcoming others to intentional spaces.

  • event hosting

  • circle talk facilitator

  • personal brand consultant

  • self-healing embodiment guide

  • content creating

  • NYC curated experiences

My offerings as a vibes magician include:

It's showtime for all our blessings ;)

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