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Nowhere To Go - Ricky Pistone - Final co

For his debut single, Ricky Pistone wanted to bring all of his funk vibes to show people that, even when we get trapped in our own thoughts and feel like there's nowhere to go, it's possible to just boogie through the rough times and have fun with it.

We worked together in the concept for this cover art, where each element and color scheme was thought to translate the song into an image.

The singer Jessie Davis wanted to use her art as a vehicle to raise awareness on the police brutality and systemic violence worldwide.

Using a photograph of a real police confrontation in NYC in 2020 by Ricardo Acioli, the cover art for Bang Bang was created to picture the violent polarization and racial profiling that still victimise black people not only in America, but all around the globe.

Bang Bang - Jessie Davis - Cover art - 1

When it comes to launching your music, chances are you will need to promote it in various platforms. I love releasing my clients from the worry to think about different dimensions and formats. Let me get that part for you while you work on your art, ok? :)

The debut single by Sharisse Francisco was written while the world was facing the atrocity involving the murderer of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many other black lives taken by the police.

The concept for the cover art for Carry Me Away was designed to picture the feeling of heaviness and search for meaning in the process of grieving.

Carry me Away - Avatar Sharisse 1400x140
Cami Brito - Graphic Design - Ricky Pist

Ricky Pistone prides himself for fuzing music genres as a guitar player, a singer and as a music producer.

His versatile approach when it comes to birthing boogies was put together with his roots in the NYC funk scene and captured in this branding we created together. Now, wherever he goes, he brings a business card he can identify with.

This family-owned business is well known in the state of Virginia for making delicious cheesesteak sandwiches highly demanded by the local community. 

As the business evolves to the digital scene, we worked together to update their branding into something that could display their authority and tradition while also placing them as a cool and modern shop.

I also made their new website!

Cami Brito - rebranding Rick's Shop.jpg

As part of the rebranding project I made for Rick's Cheesesteak Shop, we created a new website featuring the brand story and reasons why. After a couple of meetings learning about who they are, I helped them with crafting the right storytelling to consolidate their positioning as The Cheesesteak Perfecters.


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