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Communication & Design

are you an artist or a purpose driven entrepreneur?

I see who you are, listen to what you want, and deliver what you need

in every format you need it.

Nowhere To Go - Ricky Pistone - Final co

For his debut single, Ricky Pistone wanted to bring all of his funk vibes to show people that, even when we get trapped in our own thoughts and feel like there's nowhere to go, it's possible to just boogie through the rough times and have fun with it.

We worked together in the concept for this cover art, where each element and color scheme was thought to translate the song into an image.

Cami Brito NYC Communication + Event planner.jpg

about me

Oi! I am Cami Brito,

a communication and event planner, graphic designer, embodied self-healer

& vibes magician.

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